by Johnny Jumbalaya

For the curious, or those who wish to be prepared. Descriptive details on 60+ edible weeds
commonly found in western and northern Europe which can used as survival food, which parts
to use, and how to prepare them. Contains a limited number of basic recipes which can be
rustled up in the field or, for that matter, in urban surrounds.

The accompanying CD-ROM carries almost 180 reference pictures [see examples below],
that help with plant identification, 'reading the landscape' for its wild food resources, and
images of a few recipes to inspire readers with what can be achieved with edible weeds.
The CD-ROM can be viewed with most current PC-compatible web-browsers.
Price: £8.49 + £1.75 UK P&P. 80 pages. Spiral bound. ISBN: 0 9544158 5 X

Wood Sorrel - 8.2k Milk Thistle - 13k Common Mallow - 9k Marsh Mallow leaves - 9k
Bittercress - 14k Burdock - 11k Ribwort Plantain - 9k Salad Burnet - 10k
Reading the Landscape - 9k Edible Thistles - 8k Hedgerow & Wayside Foods - 8k Chenopodium - 9k
Moorland foods - 6k acornbread - 10k alexanders & celandine  soup - 7k Images from the companion
'Essential Survival Greens'

ESG is ONLY available through these support webpages. The book is NOT being sold through
retail bookshops, or even the famous online booksellers. To order your own copy E-mail now.

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