The Essential
Wild Food

by Johnny Jumbalaya

Essential Backpacker's Wild Food Cookbook

*100 pages
* wipe-clean laminated cover
* wire bound for flexibility in your rucksack or pocket
* no hard spine to damage or to trap water
* opens flat / folds 360°
* immediate IFC Contents

This volume selects wild food recipes from JJ's first three books which are more suited to backpackers carrying a simple gas stove or multi-fuel burner; although it presumes the reader will pack a few extra lightweight goodies in their rucksack.

Includes practical advice on tackling and preparing prickly thistles - one of the more readily available edible wild foods - plus helpful tips on cooking outdoors, and an updated version of the RWFG's wild plant reference section.

Wild food does not have to be bland and boring...
From simple soups and salads to more exotic dishes like curried thistles or chickweed salad the guide aims to keep cooking instructions simple, and many of the recipes can be cooked in a single pot.

ISBN 0 9544158 3 3
100 pages / Wire Bound
Price: £7.49
UK P&P: £1.75

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