Poetry by Paddy Hughes

A lifetime's poetry about Richmond Park by film director Paddy Hughes has recently come to the public eye and is raising enormous interest locally as well as on a wider scale. It is believed to be the biggest collection ever written about this world famous royal park. The authorities have requested that it be placed in the Park Archives for historical preservation.

Such has been the enthusiasm at public readings a CD has just been released entitled 'Richmond Park Reflections' (Volume 1). It comprises seventeen poems read by the author and set to music composed and played by Nik Barrell and wildlife sound effects recorded in the Park. Hear the roaring deer in 'Antler', a close up look at the year long cycle of this wonder of Nature. 'Tracker', on the other hand, is the imagination running wild on a late night walk - creepy stuff. 'Midge' will move you to tears - it is the life story of one of the author's black labradors. 'Pembroke Lodge' is a fond look at the Park's elegant social centre and its glorious gardens where you can feed the squirrel's by hand. 'Old Ben', a WW1 veteran who had both legs blown off on the Somme and now long gone, found extraordinary peace in the Park.

The CD ranges widely through the characters, flora, fauna, moods and seasons of the Park. Anyone who has ever enjoyed the Park - and there are many every day of the year from all over the world - can recapture its charm time and again with this CD. Alison Coles, a freelance writer describes it as "a unique collection of poems which bring Richmond Park passionately alive; the colours, the sounds, the memories - Paddy paints them all so vividly it would be hard to visit the Park and not see it with new eyes after hearing this CD."

The CD is on sale at outlets in the Park, other local tourist centres and a large number of private bookshops in boroughs around the Park. You can but it directly by ringing 01963 370323. Price: 12.99 [inc. VAT] with 1.00 p&p if mailed.

Further volumes are in the pipeline.


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