Wiltshire is a famous for Stonehenge [SU 123422] - which is west of Amesbury - and needs little introduction. Staying with prehistoric relics there are the mysterious 4000 year old stone circle and standing stones at Avebury [SU 103700]. In nearby Avebury village itself is the Alexander Keiller Museum of prehistoric archaeology. Then there's the peculiar looking Silbury Hill, a prehistoric (Neolithic to be precise) man-made hill which looks a bit like an upside down green pudding.

At Old Sarum [SU 138327] near Salisbury there's an iron age hill fort which was later occupied by the Normans who built a castle and cathedral on the site. By the 16th century nothing of the community remained. Everyone had packed up and went ot the new county capital at Salisbury.

Old Wardour Castle [ST 939263] is a hexagonal fourteenth century ruin in lovely grounds, and situated by a lake and surrounded by trees. Savernake Forest (near Marlborough) is one of those natural treasures to enjoy, containing, as it does, ancient oaks, elms and beech trees. If you want a tranquil walk with a watery background try the banks of the Kennet & Avon Canal. Lastly, given that you may well be taking pictures on your tour, you might like to know that Lacock Abbey (near Chippenham) was the family home of William Henry Fox Talbot, one of the key inventors of photography.


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