Shropshire seems to be blessed with an abundance of places to visit. From the famous Iron Bridge (now a World Heritage Site) to the lovely old 13th century manor house of Stokesey Castle with its 17th century timbered gatehouse.

There are lots of monastic ruins in the county: robust looking Buildwas Abbey, the more refined Haughmond Abbey, Lilleshall Abbey with its rounded Norman style, red sandstone entrance in the west front, and Wenlock Priory which has some carved stone panels among the ruins.

Although there's not much to see above ground, the site of Wroxeter Roman town is fascinating; important as it was on the crossroads of trade routes in times past.

What remains of Clun Castle feels a bit precarious, perched as it is in its border country position. Ruined Ludlow Castle (in the town) has plenty to explore, and during mid-summer is used as a venue for the local Ludlow Festival.

Close to Atcham is Attingham Park, Shropshire's best stately home set in a deer park. Take a walk round the grounds and tour the stately rooms inside.


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