On the edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds is Alford Windmill, built in the early 19th century and still working. Another working windmill can be found west of Sibsey village. There's the old waterwheel and mill race of Stockwith Mill (east of Horncastle in a village which goes by the colourful name of Hagworthingham).

Gainsborough Hall is a lovely turreted medieval brick house with some fine collections, and the Tudor Burghley House has a collection of several hundred paintings. Burghley is also known for its annual horse trials.

At Bolingbroke Castle (north of Boston), Henry IV was born. The castle was beseiged during the Civil War, and all that remains are ruins.

For anyone who likes investigating local history the churches at Friskney and Wrangle are quite interesting. The first - All Saints - dates back to 1135, while the Church of St. Mary and St. Nicholas, in Wrangle, has some medieval stained glass. At Burgh le Marsh there's Dobson's Mill; a five sailed milling windmill.

Wildlife enthusiasts will find plenty of coastline to interest them. The Gibraltar Point National Nature Reserve, south of Skegness, has hides, observation platforms and a Visitor Centre. Further up the coast there's the Donna Nook Reserve and the RSPB Reserve at Tetney Marshes.


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