What is Hydroponics ?

Further to an on-site review of a book about Hydroponics our friends over at GroWell Hydroponics have been kind enough to provide this short informational introduction and some pictures illustrating the sort of equipment used....

In practice, hydroponics is a method of growing plants in a controlled environment where you can precisely control all of the environmental factors (such as light, humidity, feed and temperature) that affect plant growth. All this really means is all the nutrient minerals that a plant needs to live and grow are added to water in the form of a complete nutrient package. Once the nutrients are in the water, there is no longer any need for the root environment to have any other properties other than good oxygen, moisture content and drainage for good root development. This effectively means that all of the plants nutritional requirements are met by the introduction of water based feed rather than from the rooting media.

Growing hydroponically generally delivers 30%-50% extra yield with much faster growth rates than alternative growing methods. A typical crop turnaround period (from cutting to harvest) is between 12-14 weeks.

GroWell hydroponics specialise in providing complete growing systems that contain all you need to successfully grow high yield, healthy plants. By using hydroponics, you can grow seasonal plants whenever you like, simply recreating the perfect growth conditions and harvesting enhanced quality produce all year round.

The pictures below show some of the types of hydroponic growing systems available, including a hydroponics 'starter kit'.

GroWell Hydroponics Auto feeding hydroponics system
Hydroponics system #1 Hydroponics system #2
Hydroponics starter kit

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