Sally Logue - Pastel Artist

Sally Logue - Ram picture

"Jack Joe - Swaledale tup" - Pastel drawing 14"x 18"
Picture displayed with kind permission of Sally Logue.
Copyright © 1999

SALLY LOGUE graduated with an Honours Degree in Textile Design before taking a Post Graduate Certificate in Education in 1980. She then taught GCSE and 'A' level in Art and Design offering Fine Art, Textiles and Photography. She taught for 13 years before leaving the teaching profession to start a family. Since then she has been self employed as an Artist specialising in Animal and Pet Portraits, drawing in pastel and working to commission.

Her aim is to capture a good likeness whilst retaining a lively and personal style. Sally prefers to meet the subject whenever possible, to get an idea of personality and to make a visual note of any special features. She will then take a series of photographs to work from, and there is no extra charge for this, as long as the customer can travel to her home in Kirkoswald. As this is not always practical, she also works from customers' own photographs.

Prices start at 50 and an individual quote is available on request.

You can visit Sally's personal website at to view a variety of recent works. Please phone [+44 (0)1768 898495 ] or e-mail her if you require further information.

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