Robin Paris

Caterpillar - 48k

"Caterpillar" - Batik painting, 30"x 30"
Picture displayed with kind permission of Robin Paris.
Copyright © 1997

Robin Paris, born in 1961, began batik painting in 1990 in Malaysia, her home for 18 months. Formerly a graphic designer, she travelled and worked her way around the world from 1987 to 1992, most notably in Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia. The diverse cultures, landscapes and wildlife of these countries made a deep impression on her art and outlook in life. More recently Robin spent three months travelling in north-east Thailand and Laos, a journey providing fresh impetus and direction.

Robin has lived and worked in a Bodmin Moor village since 1992, with inspiration coming readily from the wealth of her surroundings: vast moorland, rugged coastline, wildlife and cultural heritage. Her work is very much rooted in natural history and environmental matters, and anecdotes or messages lie within many of her batik paintings.

Her work has been exhibited widely in the West Country, and further afield in Britain and mainland Europe. Robin runs batik workshops and teaches in schools, gives slide talks and demonstrations, and is an active member of the Batik Guild, Gwynngala and Forum for the Arts in North Cornwall.

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