John MacDonald

'Fox' by John Macdonald - 31k
"Captured By The Light " - watercolour, 30cm x 30cm
Picture displayed with kind permission of John Macdonald.

Eagle picture - bird2.jpg 26k

"Buzzard - Buteo buteo" - watercolour, 30cm x 40cm
Picture displayed with kind permission of John Macdonald.

JOHN MACDONALD was born and educated in Glasgow, and attended the Glasgow School of Art. He moved away from his home city in 1966 in order to pursue a career in advertising and marketing, which he managed extremely successfully for 25 years. 14 years of which he spent collecting international design awards, whilst employing himself as the Creative Director and Partner in his advertising agency in Manchester.

It was in 1990, with his wife and son, that John exchanged the city metropolis for the peace and quiet of rural Cumbria in order to, at last, dedicate himself to his love of painting British wildlife. As a formally trained artist, his work reflects meticulous attention to detail, executed with controlled fluency, mixed with emotions straight from the heart, and as a result of exhibitions and commissions, his paintings hang in many private collections around the world.

John accepts commissions for wildlife watercolour paintings and he would be delighted to discuss his work with you at anytime. You can telephone him [+44 (0)15394 43654] or send an e-mail. His paintings are much in demand and pleasantly affordable considering the time, talent and experience it takes to achieve such unique works of art.

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