Making a Twig Whistle

In this example we've taken the basic principle of making a wooden whistle
to one simply made from a twig. Make sure to use a non poisonous species.
The diagrams here are representative only, but the basic dimensions of the
previous example can also be used.

Twig Whistle making 1 Select your piece of twig which could be a recent 'green' fall or slightly older piece, but with some residual moisture in it. [Remember not to destroy our countryside in the process of finding a piece of twig.]
Twig Whistle making 2 To one side of the mouth end cut away a section to form a comfortable mouthpiece
- it can be refined later.
Twig Whistle making 3 On the opposite side to this remove a notch as shown.
Twig Whistle making 4 Now cut through the outher bark layer down to the internal wood...
Twig Whistle making 5 ...and carefully remove the bark layer in one piece. This is aided by gently tapping all around the bark to be removed with a heavy-ish blunt object which loosens the bark allowing it to be pulled off.
Twig Whistle making 6 You should now have a twig stripped at one end, and a hollow bark section. Keep the latter moist so that it doesn't shrink - making it difficult to reassemble your whistle later. Dunk it into a glass of water, puddle or stream. If at any stage this upper bark section splits you will have to start a new whistle.
Twig Whistle making 7 Now cut away the wood below the horizontal slice of the notch you made to begin with. The depth and length of the hollowed section you excavate will determine the pitch of your whistle.
Twig Whistle making 8 Remove a sliver of wood from the upper surface of the mouthpiece. This could be anything from one to several millimetres depending on the thickness of the twig.
Twig Whistle making 9 Looking at the mouthpiece end, you should now see an end-on profile similar to the one shown.

All the remains it for you to slip the outer bark back on [if it has dried out it will have shrunk and be impossible to reposition]. Align the 'notch' in the bark with that in the wood.

You now have a twig whistle.

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