Making a Country Whistle

Here's a simple guide for making a basic wooden whistle. This could be
applied to elderberry branches too, which have an easily removed pithy core.

Whistle making 1 Select a straight piece of twig or branch about 5 inches long. [Remember not to destroy our countryside in the process of finding a piece of twig. Try to use something from a windfall branch. And make sure to use a non-poisonous wood.]
Whistle making 2 Bore a hole into the stem from one end. The depth of this will vary the whistle's 'pitch'.
Whistle making 3 Then make two cuts to create a notch [one cut perpendicular, the other at 45 degrees] about an inch down the stem's length, and so that the notch cuts through into the bored cavity.
Whistle making 4 Now cut a plug of wood that is the same length as the vertical-to-tip of mouthpiece and will fit the bore tightly. Then shave off some wood to create one flat surface.
Whistle making 5 When the plug is inserted this flat surface should face towards the direction of the notch you cut previously. Finally, you'll probably want to shape the end that you put to your mouth. Your whistle is ready to use.

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