Forgotten to the Core

Glancing through a 119 year old gardening book recently I came across references to the favourite apples of the time. Whatever became of these strains with their wonderful names ? Apples used for culinary purposes are marked with a 'k'.
Alfreston k
Beauty of Kent k
Bedfordshire Foundling k
Bess Pool k
Blenheim Orange k
Cornish Gillyflower
Court of Wick
Devonshire Quarrenden
Downton Pippin
Dunmelow Seedling k
Dutch Codlin k
Early Harvest
Early Julian
Fearn's Pippin k
Forge k
French Crab k
Golden Pippin
Golden Winter Pearmain k
Gooseberry Apple k
Hanwell Souring k
Hawthornden k
Kerry Pippin
Keswick Codling k
King Pippin
Lamb's Pearmain
London Pippin k
Monk's Codling k
Monstrous Pippin
Norfolk Bearer k
Norfolk Beefing k
Northern Greening k
Old Nonpareil
Ribston Pippin
Scarlet Crofton
Skye-House Russet
Sturmer Pippin k
Summer Pippin
Summer Strawberry
Winter Colman
Winter Majetin k
Winter Pearmain k
Wyken Pippin
Yorkshire Greening k

Orange Pippin Orange Pippins
Orange Pippins

Egremont Russet
Egremont Russet

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