The Seagull Race 2005 - Page 3

Round 2... It's the best of two races, although no one truly worries about being first
in this good spirited competition. The only ones to grumble are them thar Seagulls...
Mess around with a Seagull bud, and it'll mess with you. :)
Second Race - 15k
Heading up river in the 2nd race...
At Last - 15k
They finally start... while others return.
Rescued - 14k
Rescued by a passing neighbour... as it were.
The Race Home - 17k
Homeward bound...
return.jpg - 13674 Bytes
Those who've braved the cold wait on-shore.
Rowing Home - 13k
When all else fails, including your Seagull...
Race for the Finish - 14k
Then it's a scramble for the finishing line...
Ring My Bell - 15k ring the famous bell and clock your time.

Messing About on the River - 16k
Now, can you truly say messing about on a river isn't fun?


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