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Collingridge Ecological Consultants

Brent goose - Branta bernicla - winters on the
internationally important estuaries around the Solent.

Collingridge Ecological Consultants is an independent consultancy carrying out ecological work for private, corporate and public clients in the UK and elsewhere. We do habitat surveys and site evaluations, deal with statutory nature conservation designations and protected species, manage land for nature conservation, and provide advice on nature conservation law and management.

Run by Richard Collingridge, an ecologist who has worked for many years in natue conservation - in voluntary conservation bodies and then as an English Nature Conservation Officer before becoming a consultant.

Many of our surveys are baseline habitat surveys, evaluating areas for their nature conservation interest and potential - these are often in advance of development proposals or management plans.

More detailed surveys include assessment of land for statutory designations, such as Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). Here the vegetation is mapped to show more subtle variations, such as the location of particular rare habitat types. One survey was of woodland in east Hampshire, looking for good examples of rocky limestone woods - a woodland type which is rare enough in Europe to require protection under European legislation. The sites we found are now being brought under statutory protection.

We also deal with protected species, such as badgers, newts and bats. We are often brought in when a proposed development threatens to harm a colony of a protected species - our job is to find out exactly what is there, and assess whether the development will harm the animals. We will then recommend the best way of avoiding harm - perhaps by timing building work to avoid the breeding season, changing the design of the development, excluding animals from certain areas, or providing new habitat or roost sites to replace those being lost.

We advise on management of land for nature conservation - anything from a quick look over the gate to a formal management plan - we can also manage land, sometimes using our own grazing stock.

We are happy to discuss any case informally - if we can't help, we often know someone who can.